How should one interpret the presence of “real police” vs. “campus police” at an institution? This is becoming more and more of a concern for students and their parents as they tour college campuses. At some schools, campus police consist of a few friendly faces that might shut down your party if the music is too loud, or give you a ticket for an expired parking pass. They have been known to place students in front of the conduct committee for serious offenses, such as underage drinking. What might be even more impressive is the fact that they actually, sometimes on a first name basis, communicate with students and make an effort to create relationships. At other schools, the campus police carry badges, guns, pepper spray, and handcuffs. They have patrol cars, rarely smile, and are trained to refrain from making friends with students.

On one hand, some will argue that having real police makes them feel safer, knowing that they can actually count on officers with badges and real guns to come to their rescue, if ever needed. On the other hand, mainly for prospective students/families, the argument is, having a presence of real police on campus must mean that the campus is unsafe; otherwise, the normal college security would suffice.

Which would you prefer on your campus, state police or campus security; and why?


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  1. Gabrielle says:

    I would prefer to have real police. I believe that campus police do their job, however, I would feel much safer with real police around. They have more equipment to stop crimes and are able to keep people safe. Also, in the real world, not many people have friendships with police men, so there is no need for friendships with police at a campus.

  2. Poppy E. says:

    Personally, I’d prefer only campus security on my campus. I feel like if there were state police on my campus, then the environment would be more strict than comfortable/relaxed. While I do understand that the presence of state police would make the school techniqually “safer” because they have different means of protection, such as guns, I do not think it is better for the student to both live in constant anxiety that those weapons are *needed* to be safe at their school and for the student to feel uncomfortable around their school. Therefore, I would prefer campus security because they are able to protect their students, but in a more real-world, friendly way, instead of a over-the-top conservative-like way.

  3. MWM says:

    If I were on a campus, I would feel much safer knowing that professionally trained state police were there, instead of semi-trained security guards. Chances are, the state police have had more varied experience, so they would be better prepared for whatever might happen.

  4. Fatima says:

    I would prefer campus police. I wouldn’t want to go to a college campus that REQUIRES state police, because that could mean crime rate issues, etc. I would rather go to a school that only needs a campus police, just to maintain order and safety, becuase it makes the college setting less strict and tense, and more safe and relaxed.

  5. willy =] says:

    I would rather have campus security. This is because it gives more chances to the students to change their act. If problems do persist then that when they could call an outside force i.e. state or city police.

  6. Wilson says:

    I would rather have a security than police. I say this because it gives the students chanes to be better and change and if problems persist then a greater force comes i.e. state police. This will help them get their act together.

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