The Wonder Blunder

It is without doubt, that after reading the Matt Flegenheimer article, For Some Vassar Applicants, Joy Then Misery as College Corrects Mistake, students and even parents all across the world had an emotional reaction. The question is, what was that reaction? How would you respond to receiving an acceptance letter that was, hours later, followed by a […] Read more »

Teachers, Social Media, & Students Prove to be a Bad Mix

1) Eighth grade English teacher and 14-year-old male pupil fueled a relationship via facebook 2) 37 year-old band director and 16 year-old female student exchanged 1,200 facebook messages: some about massages. 3) 56 year-old language-arts teacher and 17 year-old female student exchanged 700 text messages: unrelated to school. Need I say more, or have I […] Read more »