Am I Alone?

I have always struggled with my capacity to sympathize with others, but for some reason, in wake of the Boston Marathon bombing and all of the subsequent events, my instinct has been to sympathize with Dzhokar Tsarnaev, the 19 year-old perpetrator. Research of the brain has proven that if a child, especially those more malleable than others, is caught earlier enough, they can be encouraged and convinced to believe in and do anything. My compassion pushes me to hope that this may have been the case for Dzhokar.

Just to be clear, I am not conflicted on whether or not he should be liberated or even rehabilitated. In fact, my same instincts at some points have wished the opposite. What has been done cannot be reversed – and, although I have some aptitude to wish the young man well, my deepest sorrow lies with the victims, their families, and my city. Am I alone on this “train of thought?” Have you ridden the emotional roller coaster, as well?”

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  1. Abuchi Agu says:

    I share your sentiment. While thoughts of retribution and disgust may consume the majority, I must submit that I too am sympathetic for the perpetrator. I don’t know what may have caused him to follow
    a path of destruction, and I agree he should be punished according to the extent of his crimes, but it is my hope that given the time he has until he is convicted, that he mourn for the lives he destroyed. By no means do I suggest his dismissal, but if we continue to act violently towards these unusual individuals in the name of justice, what makes us any different?

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