Give Halloween Back – to the Kids

Dear Adults –

Please give Halloween back to the children. If you and/or your adult peers are hosting a friendly costume party in the privacy of some establishment, so be it, but until then, please stop wearing your naughty nurse outfits that expose your breasts and buttocks or your ridiculous man-child costumes when your hairy and quite scary looking legs are revealed, if you are out and about with your or other peoples’ children.

It becomes a sad Halloween when the toddlers spend more time looking at adult bodies than asking for candy. It is a sadder Halloween when I, as a parent, have to explain why the lady’s dress was so tight that she looked virtually naked. Why did I see a young boy, no more than 6 years old wrapped as a cigarette box? What is the message being sent to the young boy and all of the children who encounter him?

Adults, we have to stop being selfish. Do your own thing on your own time. Let the kids experience Halloween without being exposed to perceivable soft porn characters.

I am sure there will be a few adults who will suggest that I keep my kids in the house if I want to shelter them from the realities of Halloween, but isn’t it always easier to say and do what’s wrong, even when we know it’s wrong?


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