What’s Wrong with Being Black and Republican?

imgresI recently read the following article, I’m Young, African American, Female…and Republican, and  interestingly, the title alone created more traffic than your local highway at 5pm sharp! What’s more, at the  time that I wrote this posting, there were well over 400 comments made and I am willing to bet that that  number will increase.  What is so exciting, or should I say unexciting about an African American  identifying with the Republican party?

More specifically where does the wrong doing come in? I am  interested in hearing the people’s voice on this one. What am I missing? Leave your thoughts.

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  1. Educator says:

    I think folks get upset when African American’s identify as Republican simply because the right wing conservatives have traditionally opposed social need programs that have traditionally served the poor and uneducated, of which includes a large percentage of African American’s disproportionately. The idea is then that the African American republican is going against the needs of his/her own people.

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