What’s Wrong with Being Black and Republican?

I recently read the following article, I’m Young, African American, Female…and Republican, and  interestingly, the title alone created more traffic than your local highway at 5pm sharp! What’s more, at the  time that I wrote this posting, there were well over 400 comments made and I am willing to bet that that  number will increase.  What is so exciting, […] Read more »

When Freedom of Speech Comes with a Price

2013 was an interesting year for educators, to say the least. Left and right, teachers have been making the headlines for the things that they have been communicating, directly and indirectly, to their students. Many parents are infuriated, students are confused, and teachers are losing their jobs, all because they freely shared their personal thoughts […] Read more »

Harmless Fun or Blatant Ignorance

Last year, during the month of October, I posted a blog about the detrimental effects of Halloween costumes that depict stereotypes. Given the fact that Halloween quickly approaches, I wanted to reintroduce the article with hopes to be proactive versus reactive to a group of upset students, communities, and others. I highly encourage that you […] Read more »