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Expert Coaching To Attain A Degree Or Get Your GED

I.C.E. Associates are equipped to advise and support individuals looking to start, or complete an education program; be it a GED, or a post secondary program. For those just beginning, we can help narrow the search and steer one towards the institution, certificate or degree program(s) that will best meet one’s educational goals. We arm clients with the necessary information to empower them to navigate the process on their own. Our Associates’ experience and network is vast, providing clients with great opportunity for access and opportunity.

Top Notch Guidance For Your College Search and Application Process

We are prepared to walk each client through the search process; we will help narrow down which colleges and universities will be the “best fit” for the individual, after a detailed conversation about the clients personal prefereces, such as type of education, academic interests, size, community and location. We will also guide clients step-by-step (as needed) through the application process, or give them the necessary information and tools to navigate the process on their own. We outline application options, organizational strategies, and best practices. We show students how to put their best foot forward, so that they end up at the college of “their” choice.

Interactive Educational Workshops

Associates conduct a variety of comprehensive, engaging, and energetic educational workshops; our main focus is on dynamic college preparatory workshops designed to serve middle/high school students and staff, pre-college programs, and community-based organizations. We tailor these workshops to meet the specific needs of the groups. Informative visual presentations will ensure that all clients understand the material; interactive, hands on exercises encourages the client to take owenership. Finally, through calculated challenges we push our clients to meet their potential as empowered students.

Custom Curriculum Design

Currently, our curriculum design focuses on college planning and preparation (but we are qualified and able to create tangible, tailored educational curriculums); for our younger audiences (7th – 10th graders), we focus on raising awareness about the idea of being a college bound student so that our clients will think about higher education in a more personal and conceptualized way. For our older audiences (11th grade and beyond) we utilize curriculum, content, and conversations that are thought provoking, informational, and empowering. The goal is to ensure that our clients walk away prepared to hit the “ground runnig” when the time approaches for the search and application process. We are able to tailor curriculum that will work for a day program, summer program, or one that spans an academic year.

Conduct College Preparatory Classes

Our college preparatory classes give students an overview and outline of what is needed to get ready for college. ICE Associates will give them the tools and insight to gear up and plan diligently for each step towards the finale of the college application process; including best practices for writing the college essay, standardized testing, admissions interviews, resume building, and the financial aid process.

High–level Guidance On How To Write Effective College Essays

There is an art to writing a strong college essay. It is one piece of the application that acts as supplemental information beyond students’ academic abilities. The essay should give insight into the individual, be impactful in some way, original, and at the very least be interesting. We will show you how to write an effective college essay, with outlined expectations and examples. Let us help you find the WOW FACTOR in your writing.

Insightful Mock Admissions: Understanding the process

We are aware that the admissions process pulls students and their families into an anxiety-filled fury! Our experienced Associates are able to relieve much of the anxiety and fear evoked, by demystifying the process, with seasoned insight about what really happens in admissions committees, and other behind-the-scene admissions’ processess. Clients will get a bird’s eye view at how it really goes down!

Professional Resume Building

Not sure what to do in order to build a strong resume? We will show you step-by step; starting with identifying which activities or hobbies are worth including, then strategic formatting. Often students have no idea that it makes sense to mention the fact that they were a senior camp counselor for three summers straight or that they participated in the boys/girls scouts for several years. If it is important to you, colleges should know that!

Winning Mock Interviews

For many students, the admissions interview is their first, and it can be nerve-racking. We outline best practices, reviewing the do’s and don’ts for interviews: when to show up, what to wear, how to introduce oneself, beginning and ending a conversation. Associates with years of admissions interviewing experience will role play with clients, ultimately, endowing them with knowledge of what to expect and what’s expected of them during an interview. In short, clients will be equiped to handle any college interview.

Detailed Financial Aid Workshops

FAFSA, CSS, EFC, COA; are you familiar with these terms? I.C.E. offers comprehensive financial aid workshops that outline the step-by-step process, the forms needed to complete and submit, and the deadlines for submission (which varies per state). For many students and their families this process can be tedious, complex, and intimidating. We are able to effectively break down financial aid vocabulary and terms and translate it all into a language that is better understood by the masses.

Premier Tutoring Services

Our tutors are qualified high school students who boast top tier academic records, but more importantly, are passionate about tutoring K-8 students in all subject areas. Our tutors are also qualified college students, graduate students and certified professionals with extensive experience in tutoring individuals or groups (K-12), at varying academic levels. Our tutoring sessions are personalized, interactive, and engaging. Above all, clients will walk away feeling confident in their ability, knowledgeable and empowered to excel at the subject.

Commanding Inspirational Speakers and More!

Need a little inspiration in your personal life, at school, or place of employment?  Check out our Speaking Engagements page and learn more about our offerings of inspiration and consulting. Additionally, I.C.E is networked extensively beyond its own Associates and able to connect organizations with other professional motivational speakers, teachers, coaches, artists, and performers.

Financial Literacy Workshops

For many of us, financial decisions can be a challenge. You may not have the background or expertise, or like other important life decisions, you simply want an unbiased and expert second opinion. You may have a one-time decision or event for which you need financial expertise or it may be an ongoing issue for which you require coaching and guidance. When it comes to matters of money and financial decision-making, We can help. Financial literacy workshops covers the following topics:

  1. Planning, saving, and investing for retirement
  2. Financial aid and student loan repayment
  3. Developing healthy spending, budgeting, and saving habits
  4. Financial planning during and after a divorce
  5. Customized classes for student and employee groups