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Edward Walker

If you asked ten people who know him to describe Edward Walker, you might hear ten very different descriptions. In fact, the depictions of this accomplished young man might vary so drastically as to sound as if those ten people aren’t talking about the same individual – the rapper, basketball player, drug dealer, stick-up kid, motivator, protector, caretaker, educator, and loving father all characterize who Ed has been at different times. But the million dollar questions are, When was he which? And how did those wildly disparate personas shape who he has become? Through a series of inspirational stories taken from his own life, Ed will unveil the realities of learning to cope with the many adversities still facing too many young men and women. His messages are powerful and unique, yet in many cases, ordinary. Ed came up with very little—first in the tough urban streets of Boston’s Mission Hill Projects and then in the backwoods, along the dirt roads of Pembroke, Georgia. Yet although the particulars might be different, the harsh conditions that he describes aren’t that dissimilar to what his closest friends and family also have endured. So what makes him unusual? And how did he get this way?

Ed offers his inspiration to his audiences by first demonstrating, through parts of his life story, that even when looking hardship in the eye on a day-to-day basis, it’s still possible to achieve and excel. Next, he encourages all of his listeners to define their own success. Last, he conveys the importance of building a foundation around the philosophy of ‘no excuses’—because he knows from experience that an excuse is simply a means to cease all efforts. Ed once stated, “Had I allowed obstacles to deter me from striving for more, I would have died from a hunger for knowledge – and as my forefathers said, “I’d rather die on my feet than live on my knees.”

To explore who Ed is on a more personal level, watch the Who is Edward Walker 10-minute documentary.  To check out the lyricist side of Ed, click HERE. Also, be sure to check out our rapidly growing Photo Gallery.

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