What current and previous clients and others are saying about I.C.E….

“I have had the pleasure of hearing Ed Walker speak in several forums — he is a powerful storyteller and always willing to share his personal narrative. One rarely has the chance to hear a speaker put so much of himself into his speech.

Ed spoke at a dinner that we hold on campus for our diversity program for high school seniors. While he was presenting, I tore my eyes away from him for a minute to observe the students at my table — every single pair of eyes were focused on him. Students were so excited to meet him and hear more from him after his presentation. Several students have since asked for his contact information — they just couldn’t get enough!”

Mai Hinton, Ed.M.
Asst. Dean of Admission
Bates College

“Although the students at our high performing urban charter school already achieve to impressive levels, we were looking for a speaker who could build achievement motivation. We dream of a day when all of our students achieve to all of their potential. Remarkably, Ed’s presentation moved us a step closer to this ideal.

Ed delivered his message in a powerful mix of story telling, spoken word, personal narrative, and motivational speech. It had such an impact that students went unsolicited to our Principal’s office to tell him about the event. Much of the senior class asked if Ed could be their graduation speaker. And in the days since, I have heard references to the talk from the students themselves — indications that ways of seeing the world and frames of reference had shifted — which is the true measure of impact.”

Doreen Kelly-Carney
Co-Director of College Counseling
Academy of the Pacific Rim Charter School

“Ed’s presentation wasn’t a motivational speech; it was an inspirational blue-print for our student-athletes on how to determine their future. He provided them with tools and strategies to approach challenges they will face, supported by examples from his personal experiences. Ed challenged them to re-define success through their own vision, to attack the world with a generous spirit, an inquisitive mind and to broaden the scope of their goals beyond a singular focus. His energy and infectious personality allowed him to merge their world with his and connect on a sincere and genuine level. Thank you for sharing yourself, your wisdom and your message with our student-athletes!”

Carla Flaherty
Head Women’s Basketball Coach
Lasell College

“The power of storytelling is REAL and powerful! Ed has proven that words and passion have the ability to connect and motivate us in ways that we often can’t imagine. Regardless of your walk of life, you will undoubtedly find his talk inspiring and uplifting.”

Will Johnson
New England Counselors of Color Bridging Access to College (NECBAC)

The current President of NECBAC, Leykia Brill added, “Ed’s presentation was as much thought-provoking as inspiring. People of all ages could stand to hear him explain exactly how powerful each of us can be when we share our stories.

Leykia Brill
New England Counselors of Color Bridging Access to College (NECBAC)

“I met Mr. Walker during my sophomore year at my high school where he previously worked. Since the beginning of high school I had been ambitious about making the most of my high school career so that I could be admitted into my top choice colleges. Mr. Walker proved to be highly experienced and willing to provide me with excellent advice and support on maintaining a solid GPA throughout high school, taking the SAT, finding summer enrichment opportunities, applying for scholarships, and much more college preparatory advice. He has truly been a motivating figure for me in high school, as his advice and insight gave me a greater understanding of college preparation. Mr. Walker exhibits sheer dedication and passion for education through his commitment to students.”

Fatima Khan
Prospect Hill Academy

Graduate ’13
Boston, MA

“”Mr. Walker, I just wanted to drop you a note to say that I don’t do much on Facebook, but one thing I do make sure to do is stop and read your wall posts, because it’s amazing what you’re doing with kids and education as a whole. You’re an inspiration not only to the kids you reach, but to parents as well who strive every day to give their little ones the best foundation they can. I am so proud to know you, and your story. Congratulations on your successes, and the many more I know are sure to come.”

Mark Kirker
Facebook Supporter and Friend
Brockton, MA

“To maintain the stare, attention, and respect of a group of 150 high school students for nearly an hour most would say is an impossible task, but not for Ed Walker. Within seconds he commanded the attention of the entire student body of Codman Academy Charter Public School with his honesty and passion. He spoke with conviction and challenged our students to pursue their potential in ways greater than others may expect. His life story is more than inspiring, it serves as a model of grit, tenacity, and the belief in possibility. Ed “fired up” the room and challenged our students to look deep within themselves to be their best selves. There were tears, there was laugher and there was real love in the room that morning, and for that myself and the entire Codman community is forever grateful.”

Nora Dowley
Dean of College and Alumni Advising
Codman Academy Public Charter School
Dorchester, MA

“I direct a non-profit in South Paris, Maine. One of our annual programs, Aspire Higher, has a mission to significantly increase the percentage of Oxford Hills students and residents who pursue college and post-secondary education. We were interested in finding a speaker that would inspire our high school students to believe in themselves and their aspirations. Ed was recommended to us by one of our School Board members who is a former Bates College classmate of Ed’s. Knowing that it takes a special speaker to keep the attention of over a thousand high school students, we took a leap of faith and hired Ed to be our speaker. We are very glad that we did! His video giving his background was critical in making the students take him seriously. Students told me that they liked his message that anyone can succeed and that they were in charge of their own destiny. They liked how he involved the crowd and they were “pumped up” afterwards. I would like to share a comment from one of our teachers “My son never goes to assemblies. He has Asperger’s and doesn’t like crowds or noise. He went to this one and really enjoyed it. He liked the stories and the real world aspect. He struggles with confidence and the speech really hit home with him. That was especially rewarding for me.”

Maureen Mooney-Howard
Oxford Hills Community Education Exchange
South Paris, Maine

“Inspirational.” “Awesome.” “Real.” “Finally someone who I can relate to.” These are only some of the responses that our grade 7 & 8 students had after Ed Walker came to speak to them at Dedham Middle School. In my 20 years of education there are very few people who I have met who have managed to have an immediate and direct impact on the student population as a whole. His ability to captivate over 400 students for one hour is remarkable. Although his personal story is relatable to some students, his message is universal to all. As a school community we are looking forward to capitalizing on the momentum established by Ed to reinforce the theme that every last person has the potential to do whatever he or she seeks out to do.”

Debbie Gately
Dedham Middle School
Dedham, MA

“The surrounding environment holds immense power to shape an individual. That environment may be one teemed with love and affluence, or rather, one ridden with crime and destitution. With many potential “bad” influences and careless role models abounding in our communities, it is crucial to the development of the adolescent psyche to be exposed to charismatic, progressive, bold individuals, whom also possess the capability to speak vision into others. Mr. Ed Walker is indeed, that individual who holds those key character traits that our youth are looking to hear from. Here at the Boys & Girls Club of Lawrence, we had the opportunity to have Ed Walker speak to 70+ youth about the importance of defining their own success, and dictating their own future – in the first of many sessions of a college planning and preparation program that Ed is hosting here. Ed Walker delivered a powerful message that undoubtedly inspired everyone in the room, both adults and youth alike, to reach for goals greater than what they had ever imagined, and to also understand the thought processes that can either limit success, or propel an individual to levels of prosperity previously unthought of. Our members could sense his passion to evoke change. I highly recommend Ed to anybody who works with the youth!”

Rhandy Audate
Assistant Director of Education
Boys & Girls Club of Lawrence (MA)

“Ed Walker visited the McDevitt Middle School in Waltham to help our seventh and eighth grade students and teachers commence their school year. I have never seen our students more attentive and engaged in a presentation. Ed spoke with clarity and passion, encouraging everyone in the audience to define their own success and think about their future now. Ed shared personnel struggles and successes with the students, serving as a shining example of what can happen when hard work and positive thinking coalesce. Any school in need of a boost in morale and motivation need to reach out to Ed.

William Hart,
Assistant Principal
McDevitt Middle School

“Edward served as the featured “Welcome” speaker for our Excellence in Mathematics, Science and Engineering (EMSEP) Program at WPI. As I observed his presentation, he was certainly connecting with our entering students….and their parents! You could actually see our entering college students sit up and focus on his story, how you can control your destiny, and how one should take advantage of assistance from friends and relatives to better oneself. Edward brings an uplifting story of difficult, struggling times, followed by mentorship and a caring family, leading to his greater self-confidence and enrollment and graduation in college. He fought his way through the higher education system, and has gone on to serve as an uplifting, encouraging voice for aspiring students. Edward definitely captures students’ attention, providing the confidence to our students that they can achieve their dreams. He is certainly someone we wish to come back to speak to our students again.”

Gregory Snoddy, Ed.D.
Associate Dean of Students
Worcester Polytechnic Institute (WPI)

“I met Ed recently at his “Sharing Resources for a BIGGER Cause” event on May 21, 2012, where he emphasized, to a group of educational leaders, the importance of collaborative work amongst organizations with similar missions. Ed gave a superb presentation highlighting his organization’s services and his path thus far. Not only is a Ed a wonderful presenter, his passion and enthusiasm for his work are infectious. He is devoted to the promise of our nation’s youth and his relentless drive and ‘let’s get it done’ attitude are an inspiration.”

Julie Wilson,
Founder and Executive Director
Institute for the Future of Learning

“I first met Ed Walker on May 6, 2012, when he graciously agreed to be the keynote speaker at our G.A.M.E. Day (Gaining From Athletic Mentor Experience) event.  The latter is a program that we have been running for several years designed to strengthen connections between student athletes and alumni, while also helping students practice networking skills. The goal is to help students understand that the leadership, discipline, commitment, desire to win, and competitive skills they develop as athletes are desirable professional skills readily transferable to the “working world.”

Ed spoke to an assembled group of nearly 100 Bates student-athletes and simply put, he “blew their doors off”!  What he said about not being afraid to lead, about being a team player, and about translating their athletic experience into their professional lives combined with the passion, sincerity, and humor with which he delivered his remarks, had them spellbound.  I don’t recall another speaker in my 30+ years in college athletics who delivered such a powerful and meaningful message! My only regret was that we couldn’t have all of our 600+ athletes hear Ed’s talk.”

Kevin McHugh,
Director of Athletics
Bates College

“Experts will forever debate the fine points, but anyone who works intensely with high-school students on a regular basis knows that what makes all the difference–what can propel a student into a top-tier college, when he’d never really believed he could even get to college–is a first-rate professional with the heart and soul that kids recognize instantly and trust entirely. I’ve been very fortunate to work with Ed Walker here at Harvard’s Crimson Summer Academy, where his inspiring, knowledgeable presence and his palpable commitment to our college-bound students has assured their continuing success.”

Maxine Rodburg,
Crimson Summer Academy at Harvard

I direct a non-profit, Boston Promise, that combines basketball and academics for high school scholar-athletes in Boston. Ed Walker recently ran an 8 week course on college planning and preparation for our participants that was outstanding. He was able to make each session extremely informative as well as exciting and interesting for our kids. Our scholar-athletes were not only asked to take in the information but immerse themselves in it, therefore obtaining a true understanding of what can be a harrowing process for many high school students.  He was also able to bring in excellent guest speakers that made as strong impression on our participants. Through interactive activities such as role playing an admissions counselor, mock college interviews, interesting PowerPoint lectures, and many reflection questions, our participants completed Ed Walker’s course with a true understanding of the college admissions process and even more importantly an understanding of what they can do to achieve their college dreams.   I highly recommend Ed Walker and the I.C.E. team to all organizations and institutions that work with teenagers in and out of the classroom.”

Steve Cassidy,
Director of Boston Promise

“I first met Ed Walker while working to figure out how we could collaborate to provide better support for college-bound teens at the Dorchester YMCA.   It was a year and a half later that I got an opportunity to work with him in another capacity.  Ed Walker was invited to conduct a workshop during a my sorority’s, Sigma Gamma Rho, 8th annual scholarship fair.  He presented the teens with a comprehensive understanding of how to navigate the college searach and application process, giving them information on each step they should take in their high school careers.  Our students walked away from that workshop with a wealth of knowledge.  They were captivated not just by the information Ed shared, but also by his down to earth presence and style.  One participant was so engaged and inspired, she sought Ed out as a mentor and is working to coordinate an internship with him.  His participation in our scholarship fair helped to support, engage and reassure the teens that this process is doable and they can be well prepared. I look forward to working with him again!

Shauna Riguard,
Youth Development Specialist
Black Achievers

“As a college student,  preparing to graduate from one institution and then enrolling at another college can be overwhelming. Personally, I needed more knowledge about academic and financial support my school of interest had to offer.  I needed guidance about which criteria was necessary in order for me  to even get through the door. All that change for me one day when I was working at my retail store and met Mr. Walker, the president of I.C.E. He is a phenomenal person with a passion to help others achieve their educational goals.  This makes him an excellent educational consultant because a lot of people need someone like him, with that knowledge and capability, to be their educational roadmap. His commitment makes it worth your time. I, as a student,  was blessed to have met and given the chance to work with Mr. Walker. I admire his work ethic and willingess to help.

Tommy Nguyen,
Former Student
Bay State College

“ASC (A Sweet Creation) is a non-profit organization that services members of low income communities. We have used the services of I.C.E for our educational needs for the past 2 years and counting. We find the information provided to our students and families of great aid. We found Mr. Walker (I.C.E representative) to be well informed on matters of continuing education. The students have a sense of comfort knowing that there is someone that they can turn to in the event they cannot receive the information needed, from their high school advisors. I find I.C.E to be a great added benefit to the ASC Youth Organization. It is nice to know that there is someone we can call and get prompt responses to our questions in “crunch-time.” More importantly, I.C.E provides fast service for our students that may when it comes to preparation and financial planning for college.”

Pilar McCloud,
ASC (A Sweet Creation)

“For years now it had been my goal to continue my education and complete my bachelor’s degree, with so many competing demands on my time though, I found my goal slipping further and further out of reach. Since I was ready to pursue my educational dreams anew, I wanted to find a quality, affordable program which would cater to the adult learner. However with there being so many options available and this being my second attempt, making an informed decision was important for me. After meeting with an I.C.E consultant and clearly defining my educational roadmap, I felt ready for the next step of finding a program and selecting a school. I.C.E’s services were tailored to fit my specific criteria and needs; after our initial consultation I was presented with a customized folder highlighting those schools and programs best suited for me. The guesswork of finding my perfect match has been completely eliminated. With I.C.E’s help, I feel prepared to continue my education and complete my bachelor’s degree.”

Idalia Cuevas,
Private Client

“For more than a decade I have admired Ed Walker. First as a Bates College student, then as a Bates College Assistant Dean of Admissions and now a professional colleague, Mr. Walker stands out among many other remarkable individuals. When I think of educators who exemplify commitment, integrity and loyalty, I think of Ed Walker. Recently, as the Keynote speaker at one of our Prologue to Bates programs, Ed delivered a powerful, captivating and motivating speech. He has a true passion for supporting students who seek to achieve their full potential through a wide variety of educational opportunities.”

Wylie Mitchell,
Former Dean of Admissions
Bates College

“Breakthrough Cambridge is a non-profit educational organization that creates paths to college for low-income students in Cambridge. Our College Access Program helps juniors and seniors with the college application process. This year we were lucky enough to have I.C.E. put on a presentation for our juniors to give them an introduction to the college process. The presentation was professional, informative, and infused with bits of well-placed humor which drew in the students. I found Mr. Walker’s style to be both expert and charismatic. The advice that was given was down-to-earth and tangible for students to grasp, and the format of the presentation encouraged participation. I was highly impressed with our overall experience with I.C.E., and I would hire them back in a second!”

Dave Lewis,
High School Program Director
Breakthrough Cambridge

“I like to think that if expertise and experience is added to the mix than you would have yourself one hell of a professional educator. Ladies and gentleman I give you Edward L. Walker. I have known Ed for a few years now and have had many opportunities to witness his work up close and personal. I do not believe that you will find a more informed, passionate and knowledgeable individual within the field. He yearns to provide students of all backgrounds with the wisdom, tools and requisite skills needed for them to take advantage of all that a college education has to offer. I recently started a business initiative that, in the words of the great Howard Thurman endeavors to, provide a venue where young males and females,” will be able to realize their potential, round themselves out and experience true community.” I have asked Edward to partner with me in this endeavor, as I am aware of the profound impact that he has in the lives of students throughout New England and beyond. I consider it an honor to be able to work with him.”

Karen G. Marshall, MSW
Co-Founder of Basketball Leadership Academy (BLA)